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Sometimes it’s Just Easier to Do It Myself

My husband is a perfectly capable human being. Completely. Given a to-do list, he will do anything I ask him to. But sometimes, it’s easier to do it myself.

I Can’t Wait to Be Friends with My Kids

A recent conversation with my daughter reminded me what amazing adults my kids are growing into. I can't wait to be friends with my kids.
every family needs a dog

Every Family Needs a Dog

I didn't realize until we finally adopted one of our own why every family needs a dog. They're the ultimate pet for fun, protection and love.

Making Room for Someone Else’s Babies

The excitement is palpable. I am preparing for the arrival of someone else’s “babies”. In blending our families, the bulge is in my heart, not my belly.

A Boy Who Wears Nail Polish is Just That…

We live in a world where boys can wear their mother's heels and it's encouraged. Unless they identify as trans. Then it means they're confused.

Is a Marriage Without Chemistry Worth It?

It's my fourteenth wedding anniversary and it's starting to feel pretty bland. I miss sex but my husband doesn't. Is a marriage without chemistry worth it?

Grandpa in Heaven: The Greatest Man They Never Knew

I always knew the day would come when my boys would ask about my parents, but it’s hard to prepare for the questions that will come from their tiny mouths.

How I Explained Addiction to My Kids

There were some things in I wasn't prepared to parent through. Having to explain their father's struggles with addiction to my kids was one of those things.

I Was Ghosted by My Best Mom Friend

We didn’t have a fight. Not even a heated argument. I wondered what I did to hurt her, but I was at a total loss as to what it was.

Fifteen Years Married

We made it: we survived. Fifteen years married. Three kids, countless diapers, everything couples do to build a life. And we made it.