Why Join #RealityMoms?

You are a “real” mom.  You’ve seen the nitty gritty of parenting.  You understand the challenge of parenthood and are working through each new stage right along with the rest of us.  We want to share your stories with our community.

Please ensure you understand our writer’s Terms and Conditions before apply to submit content to RealityMoms.Rocks.

Like what you see and wanna become a part of our little family? Here are a few fun ways YOU can become a #RealityMom too!

#RealityMoms Syndication Group

The syndication group on Facebook is for regular contributors to RealityMoms.Rocks and writers interested in syndicating their content to the site. Click to join the group!

RealityMoms will syndicate up to two (2) content posts per week. Our goal is that these posts are the VERY best that our community has to offer. You can expect:

  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group where you can receive updates, engage and ask for support from the team.
  • A micro bio under each of your published content pieces, including links to your blog and social media accounts.
  • Content support and shares via our social channels.


#RealityMoms Writers Group

Apply to join our Writers Group if you want to start building your writing or YouTube career (and get some cool swag), we can also send you opportunities to work with our partners. We can you help get your name out there and build an audience to work with brands. You can help us by bringing your fresh perspective to our amazing community. Sound good? Apply to join us (or read more below).

How it Works

There will be regular pitch threads in our Writer’s Group Facebook community.  You’re also welcome to pitch your own #RealityMom article to our editorial team. While we prefer original content, we’re also open to republishing previously published work to give your content a wider audience. As a member of the #RealityMoms Writer’s group, we’ll display your full bio, including photo and links back to your website and social media.

We want to help develop your writing style. You can expect full editorial support including:

  • Honest feedback – Pats on the back are great, but they don’t help you to develop as a writer – and that’s what we want to see.
  • Requests for edits – This means we think that we like your piece and it is worthy of refinement. We try to be clear in our feedback and work with you to ensure that the piece fits the brand while retaining your voice.

You can also expect:

  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group where you can receive updates, engage and ask for support from the team.
  • Support from the #RealityMoms team – We want to see you do well. We will promote your blogs and memes on other sites on social media.
  • We’ll be there to help with OTHER stuff too! Have a question about the industry? Ask? Need to vent? Talk to us! We will listen! We want this to be your COMMUNITY, your people… so dive in and make it that!
  • Opportunities! If you’ve indicated an interest in sponsored opportunities, you will also receive regular e-mails detailing potential opportunities, products reviews, and other compensation.
  • Special Perks! Imagine a bunch of busy beavers behind the scenes working our teeth off to source some special perks just for YOU! We want this to be a FUN opportunity, not JUST educational and supportive, so we are trying hard to make that happen! We might surprise you from time to time… or post cool things you can show your interest in… one thing is certain, we will have you smiling!
  • We also want to promote your video! We’ll have special opportunities to feature your Facebook Live posts and YouTube videos on the site, on YouTube and on the #RealityMoms Facebook page.


What We’re Looking For In Return

We want hilarious yet relatable stories that will make our readers see themselves.  We’re looking for parenting hacks, DIY and creative crafts. We’re looking both for the light humor as well as more serious or contemplative.  We’re not looking for rants or insults. #RealityMoms believe in lifting other moms up, not putting them down.

To sum it up, we’re looking for funny, relatable, intelligent, creative people with who can weave fascinating stories using good grammar.  To join our writer’s group, you’ll need to:

  • Deliver a minimum of one original content or video piece per month uploaded directly to the #RealityMoms website and ready for editing (unless otherwise requested).
  • Share your pieces across your social media platforms.
  • Participate in the Facebook community.

Think you want to be a regular #RealityMom contributor? You can apply to join the RealityMoms Writers Group here!