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Sometimes You Can’t Walk It Off

I stepped funny before school drop off—I was probably doing and thinking of a thousand different things at the time, in that way that anyone who has ever gotten a kid off to school is fully familiar with—and felt a pop.Continue Reading

When Alexa Makes You Feel Old

I used to invite my friends in to listen to my Michael Jackson album. (And yes…this now sounds like a “back in my day, we used to have to walk 30 miles in the snow UPHILL to get to school…and GAH I feel old.)Continue Reading

#RealityMoms Favorite Books International Children’s Book Day

Although the use of e-readers and other digital platforms is on the rise, a 2016 survey found that 65% of Americans preferred printed books. And our #RealityMoms writers will tell you that a love of books and reading started in childhood. So for International Children’s Books Day, who better to ask which books kids love the most? Continue Reading

Lady Doritos: Because of Course

This week, the Internet was abuzz with talk of “Lady Doritos,” the latest in a series of gaffes by a major brand. The story went that Doritos was in the process of formulating a “lady-friendly” chip that would be “quieter” and “less messy” since, as we all know, if there’sContinue Reading

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