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Making Ends Meet

Empty Nest

  • Only Eighteen Christmases

    Eighteen gets to be a gut-wrenchingly small number when you realize that’s the number of times you have to make significant memories with your kids.

  • Navigating The Summer Before College

    If your daughter is heading to college next fall, you’re probably in the same place I was last year. It was my daughter’s last summer before college.

  • 9 Reasons I Love Having Adult Children

    rather than dwell on the growing pains of change in our relationship, I prefer to celebrate the positive side of being a parent to my adult kids. And there are so many reasons why…

  • Money Management 101 for College Kids

    Of all the things I wish they taught in school, I wish there were a better understanding of budgeting and

  • preparing for an empty nest
    7 Ways I’m Preparing for an Empty Nest

    Before the kids have moved out completely, I’ve decided to try to start preparing for an empty nest – when it’s just my husband and me at home.

  • I’m Not Ready for an Empty Nest

    The great big book of parenting (which none of us actually receives) never warned me of the absolute fear I would have of an empty nest.

  • graduation leaving the nest
    How I Failed to Ruin my Son

    Jonathan, my middle child, graduated from high school this month. Like millions of moms this graduation season, I wiped the

Staying Healthy

Staying Positive While Hitting the Pandemic Wall

It’s been a rough year, and although I try to stay positive, some days I hit the pandemic wall.

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