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  • When It Hits Close to Home

    This one felt different. It was closer to home than ever before. This time, my children are old enough to see the news and ask questions.

  • When There’s Hate, Remember Love is Stronger

    “Hate isn’t new,” he calmly stated. “Cameras are new. This has always happened. And it’s always been wrong. But now more people know about it. More people see it happening. It empowers us to work harder at ending it.”

  • Five More Minutes

    Five more minutes has forever been the lament of my son. It started with bedtimes when he was young, and continued through to high school.

  • The Magical Age When Parenting Gets Easier

    I’ve asked myself countless times over my 15 years of parenting, “When the bleep is this going to get easier?”

  • Sometimes You Just Need Some Rainbows

    I’ll never forget when an adult in my life told me “rainbows are for sissies.” I was a theater kid, remember? We WERE different.

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Making Ends Meet

  • Why Can’t I Be the Favorite Parent?

    I know why I’m second best. I know that since I’m the one involved in the daily parenting grind, telling her – make your bed, go brush your teeth, get dressed, STOP jiggling my butt! – I’m the prime target for her frustration and anger. I WANT TO BE THE FAVORITE PARENT!

  • It’s Been a Year…

    It’s been over a year. It was Friday, March 6, 2020. I booked a babysitter and told Jeff we were going to happy hour. That was our last outing for months—everything shut down the following Monday.

  • RealityMoms Guide to Baby and Toddler Easter Baskets

    Struggling to find Easter gifts appropriate for your baby or toddler? Get a little creative! Instead of filing a traditional wicker basket, get an item to fill that can be part of the treat.

  • When It Hits Close to Home

    This one felt different. It was closer to home than ever before. This time, my children are old enough to see the news and ask questions.

  • Changing the Definition of Clean

    My definition of ‘clean’ has changed over the years. There was a time where I would have thought ‘clean’ meant clean. Now…

  • My Hair Has a Mind of Its Own

    My hair became impossibly thick. I started getting teased in grade school as the adorable curls morphed into some curls, some shag carpeting.

  • Finding My Inner Badass When I’m Feeling Bad

    My inner badass is in there. I’ve missed her. I pretty much have just been bad. And on some days, I’ve just been an ass. But not today.

  • Mama, It Is Enough

    There is a height chart on the wall reminding me that I didn’t do the “parenting thing” I planned to do.

  • When Is It Appropriate To Ask “Are You About To Get Your Period?”

    “Are you about to get your period?” I think the men who ask this kind of question just have not been schooled. So, I laid it out in an easy-to-read format.

  • 7 Emotions Parents of Teens Feel Every Single Day

    Raising a teen is often likened to riding a rollercoaster, but that may be an understatement. I charted the emotions that came with parenting for a few days. It was a lot.

Empty Nest

  • Money Management 101 for College Kids

    I graduated high school with a ton of bad advice on establishing a credit rating and almost no concept of financial planning beyond “How to Operate a Savings Account.” I don’t want my kids to do that.

  • Only Eighteen Christmases

    Eighteen gets to be a gut-wrenchingly small number when you realize that’s the number of times you have to make significant memories with your kids.

  • Navigating The Summer Before College

    If your daughter is heading to college next fall, you’re probably in the same place I was last year. It was my daughter’s last summer before college.

  • 9 Reasons I Love Having Adult Children

    rather than dwell on the growing pains of change in our relationship, I prefer to celebrate the positive side of being a parent to my adult kids. And there are so many reasons why…

  • preparing for an empty nest
    7 Ways I’m Preparing for an Empty Nest

    Before the kids have moved out completely, I’ve decided to try to start preparing for an empty nest – when it’s just my husband and me at home.

  • I’m Not Ready for an Empty Nest

    The great big book of parenting (which none of us actually receives) never warned me of the absolute fear I would have of an empty nest.

  • graduation leaving the nest
    How I Failed to Ruin my Son

    Jonathan, my middle child, graduated from high school this month. Like millions of moms this graduation season, I wiped the

Staying Healthy

We All Bloom When We’re Ready

When my mother died within two months of my daughter’s birth, I knew I had to do something to tie the two events together.

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