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Seeing the Forest Through the Trees: Life with Toddlers

I hear that three and a half is magical, and that children turn the corner from beast to beauty, but I’m still waiting...

Working Momma Blues

This morning started like any other Monday morning. Frantic. Rushed. Yelling “I’m turning off the TV if you don’t put your socks on! We need to go!”

Can We Talk About Penises for a Sec?

I was terrified of ever seeing a penis, then later sort of mystified at how they worked. I never, ever imagined what a central role they’d play in my life.

I Just Made the Last Preschool Payment…I Should Be Happy

There are so many reasons I should be celebrating. Making that last preschool payment should make me want to jump for joy...but I'm not.

I Am Not My Son’s Favorite Parent

I suspect Sprout sees me as a lost cause. He views me as Little Bird’s parent and Daddy as “his” parent.

The Perks of Having a Strong-Willed Child

My daughter has no idea how to take no for an answer, and her negotiation skills are off the chain for only being three years old. And boy, can she work a room.

Dear Elsie: You Are Brave

The forest was quiet. And then I heard you. "You’re so brave, Elsie. Elsie, you’re so brave." You were just thinking, out loud. Your inner voice apparent.

I Thought The Terrible Twos Weren’t So Bad: I Was WRONG

Remember me? I’m the one who wrote to tell you all about the not-so-terrible-two’s a few months ago. I’m back to apologize because…I LIED.
grocery shopping with kids

8 Stages of Grocery Shopping with Kids

Grocery shopping with kids goes through several stages - from wishful thinking "this won't be too bad" to "OH MY GOODNESS WHAT WAS I THINKING" very quickly.

Meal Planning is Impossible Now I’m a Mom

When it was just my husband and myself, it was SO easy to meal plan. We'd sit down once a week. But now we have a's impossible.