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Listen to Me Anyway

I remembered that Isla’s still three years old. And so, I met her where she was. “Listen to me anyway,” I said. “Because I’m your mother.”Continue Reading

My Threenager Makes the Terrible Twos Look Easy

When my daughter blew out three candles on her birthday cake I thought we had done it. Together, my husband and I had survived the terrible twos. Together we endured the meltdowns and shared eye rolls  and exasperated sighs when we heard the same question repeated again, and again, andContinue Reading

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20 Life Lessons I Want my Kids to Learn

As a psychologist, I often reflect on the things that make people happy (or rather, “content.” No one is actually “happy” all the time). Through my work I get glimpses into the things that matter—the behaviors and ways of thinking that lead to satisfaction, and those that lead to misery.  AndContinue Reading

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