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5 Things I Learned Supporting My Best Friend Through Divorce

My best friend of a decade is going through a divorce. She has three young children and ending the marriage was not her choice.

Coparenting After Divorce: Learning To Co-Parent Alone

The word co-parenting is a lie. In my experience, co-parenting doesn’t always mean two people working together. In our house, for a long time, co-parenting meant one person working alone.

Making Room for Someone Else’s Babies

The excitement is palpable. I am preparing for the arrival of someone else’s “babies”. In blending our families, the bulge is in my heart, not my belly.

A Love Letter to My Sons’ Bonus Mom

I never imagined my kids would have a "bonus mom" when I started my family. I’m now so grateful that you're here for them now.

How I Explained Addiction to My Kids

There were some things in I wasn't prepared to parent through. Having to explain their father's struggles with addiction to my kids was one of those things.

I Got Divorced and I Have No Regrets

By the time my divorce was over, I didn't feel the huge sense of loss I expected would come with losing someone in your life in that way.

Learning To Live Alone After Divorce

A false alarm reminded me that this was just one of the uncharted and scary territories I was entering now that I was alone in the house without a partner.
panic attacks

Panic Attacks: Separation and Divorce

My panic attacks returned when I was separating from my ex. My advice? Don’t try to get rid of the panic. Learn to live with it.

Divorce: This is How We Do It

Mid-divorce or post-divorce life with your ex doesn’t have to be ugly. This May, as I married my husband, my ex was had a front row seat.

9 Things You Need To Know To Coparent After Divorce

I was chatting with a friend about the differences in the way we coparent with our exes. “You and your ex have it easy. I wish we could."