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Jessica Tyler

Jessica Tyler

Jessica Tyler is wife to Jeff and mom to two boys, Will and Ben. She is a non-profit professional by day and an expert in cleaning marker off upholstery by night. She lives in Colorado with her boys and her cat Gracie, who adds another female to the mix. You can find her on her blog,I Dream of Naptime

When I Finally Realized I Had It All

“Women can’t have it all”, they say. “It’s not possible.”I wore that weight for a long time, thinking that I couldn’t have everything my heart desired.

I Didn’t Love My Son Right Away

When my first son was born, it took me a while to love him. I have to pause now and sit with that for a minute. I didn’t feel love for my firstborn son.

My Baby is Ready for Kindergarten…but I’m Not

We have almost completed Pre-K, and it’s time to take the next step. My older son will start school in the fall, and suddenly I’m a mess.

The Twos Aren’t Totally Terrible…

It’s like we expect this light switch to flip on their second birthday and our sweet angel baby to be replaced by a scary toddler!

Where’s the Love Mamas? Let’s Talk About Mom Guilt

We're good enough at guilting ourselves, for not being there, for not paying attention, for holding down a full-time job. We don't need it from other moms.

When a Big Mama Tribe Just Isn’t Your Vibe

When I was younger, I had a big tribe of friends and being busy was really important to me. But as I've gotten older, I'm more comfortable in my own skin.

Why I Chose to Have a Preventative Mastectomy

By the time I was 35 I’d had three scares.  Every time I’d had a mammogram, I’d had a lump. Every time it was followed by an MRI and a biopsy, and days of...
potty training

Just Don’t Pee on the Wall!

While I thought that while potty training might take a little time, teaching one tiny human to pee in the toilet can’t be that hard, right?