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Committing to Myself: I’m Going To Lose Weight

I’m fat. I hate it and sometimes I hate my body. But I’m done feeling this way. I'm committing to myself. I'm going to lose weight.

You’re Body Shaming Chrissy Teigen? Give Your Head A Shake.

Last week, supermodel Chrissy Teigen was photographed with husband John Legend in the background, and he appears to be cringing.

Saying Goodbye to my Goal Pants

My goal pants are toxic, and a dream that is not really mine, but one forced on me by what society says I should want.

It Was Never About The Leggings

In a recent letter to a university newsletter a mom pleads for the young women on campus to “think of the mothers of sons the next time [they] go shopping."

“Real” Women Facepalm as Victoria’s Secret Touts “Plus-Sized” Angel

Rumors this week were spread that Victoria's Secret's Angel Squad has a "real woman" in their line up - a plus-sized model.

Embracing this New Body of Mine

I’ve come to realize I’ll always have that little pooch where she grew for nine beautiful months and my boobs will never defy gravity again.

I’m Rocking My Mom Bod and Enjoying the Summer

I was surprised on a recent trip to see the number of moms carelessly frolicking with their kids. Their mom-bods fully exposed. THE HORROR!

Stop Calling Me Brave

If doing anything "regular" people do while fat is brave, then that means there is something shameful about being fat.

Dear Mermaids: Body Image is not a Trend

At the beach this summer, I saw two young teens snapping photos at the edge of the water. The pair giggled at first, trying to get just the right shot with the ocean in...

Put on that Bathing Suit: The Girls are Watching

Putting on that bathing suit was a BIG deal for me and my girls' reactions made an impact. What they think matters more than anything.