What’s Better than a Summer Road Trip?

Joan Chand-Oiseau from MaddWorld.ca spends the summer road-tripping with her kids.  She says that her essentials include: Audio books! Lots of food and LOTS of water. Of course coloring and electronics. And some kind of road trip game like a scavenger hunt list of things they should look for along the way. We also like to pick one tourist destination along the way that we can all look forward to and stop, stretch, and get our wiggles out on the long drives.

Joan shared a #RealityMom moment as she and her family headed out on a summer road trip!! Check it out!

#RealityMom Essentials for a Summer Road Trip

We thought it would be fun to ask #RealityMoms what are their essentials for a summer road trip – this is what they told us:

Not the most original, but I really need snacks. I really shouldn’t be allowed to drive, nor should others be in a small space with me, when I’m hangry. 🙂 Knowing I have food assuages my fear of being trapped in one of those crazy long traffic jams with none of the essentials. (Shannan Ball Younger – Chicago Parent)

Homemade surprise eggs (plastic easter eggs of various sizes) filled with little bits of candy, stickers, change for spending money later on, and tiny trinkets to keep busy when they’ve had enough of coloring, electronics, and snacking. Tape ’em shut slightly so they have to work harder to open them. (Kristina Hammer – The Angrivated Mom)

iPhone for listening to the Sofia the First Pandora station, Kindle Fire with lifetime guarantee, granola bars, cheddar bunnies, water and lollipops. Oh! And my husband to blame for our children whining about getting exactly what they asked for. (Bianca Jamotte LeRoux – Real Mommy Confessions)

Audiobooks from the library you can play on your car ride, water, iPad, phone charger, snacks, fruit, change of clothes, garbage bag, wet wipes, lysol wipes and paper towels (just in case someone gets ill). (Kiley D. Smith – Cherry Blossoms the Blog)

Plane tickets. If it’s more than a 2-hour car ride, our family flies! I’m not joking! The road trips I took as a child scarred me for life. (Dina Drew Duva – MomCave TV)

What are your essentials for a summer road trip?

Joan Chand'oiseau

Joan is learning to embrace her family’s flavour of crazy and tame the wild look in her eyes; capturing one mADD moment at a time on Twitter and Instagram. She promises to be messy and all over the place on mADD world while sharing great ideas about strategies for organisation, nutrition, sleep, meds, exercise; parent advocacy; ADHD, neurodiversity and special needs; resources and more from experts in the field and in the trenches. Entirely Bonkers? I’m afraid so. But I’ll tell you a secret. She thinks All the best people are.


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