self-care before summer

Ready Pedi Go! Self-Care Before Summer Vacation!

I don’t know about you, but I am limping toward the finish line of the school year. Somehow it’s the same for me every single June. Self-care is one of the last things on my mind.

There are so many year-end recitals or performances, sports events, practices, and games where you secretly would be A-okay if they didn’t make the playoffs just so the pain of it all would end sooner. And let’s not forget the numerous field trips with busloads of screaming kids and inexpensive-yet-not-total-crap gifts to buy to show appreciation to way too many people that you barely know. Or trying to figure out what to do with the stacks of papers, projects, and art treasures that have come home. I can barely keep track of ALL.THE.THINGS that the end of the school year brings.

And then I remember:

If I don’t squeeze in some self-care before summer, when school is over and I am not likely to be able to find time in between the kid and family directed activities–our long summer days are filled with a lot more “Mom-On-Duty” and pretty much no “Just For Me” time.

This school year, with only a few days left, I scrambled to get some me time in STAT! Of course, there are some practical items like doctor appointments and domestic management tasks that need to get done. But really, it’s the vanity stuff that I needed to get prioritized! I need to pick up my Starbucks then get my summer mani-pedi, wax my brows, and get my hair done. I need to take care of myself before summer starts and there’s no time for me!

Have you fit self-care before summer vacation into your routine this year?

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