We All Bloom When We’re Ready

When my mother died within two months of my daughter’s birth, I knew I had to do something to tie the two events together.

Why Can’t I Be the Favorite Parent?

I know why I’m second best. I know that since I’m the one involved in the daily parenting grind, telling her – make your bed, go brush your teeth, get dressed, STOP jiggling my butt! – I’m the prime target for her frustration and anger. I WANT TO BE THE FAVORITE PARENT!

I’ve Dropped the Weight

I’ve dropped the weight. My belly looks lumpy and is the antithesis of flat. But I’ve dropped the weight that matters.

What Happened to my Body?

Reconciling with my changed body is a work in progress and I have worked hard to be kind and accepting to my mid-thirty figure.

Painting the Yellow Room

When we got our new house, we painted one of the rooms yellow. I always thought of it as the baby’s room. And then I had fertility issues.

9 Reasons I Love Having Adult Children

rather than dwell on the growing pains of change in our relationship, I prefer to celebrate the positive side of being a parent to my adult kids. And there are so many reasons why…