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Katrina High

Katrina High

Katrina High is a working mom of a sassy preschooler, recipe corner cutter and craft beer drinking yogi. She keeps it a little too real and has a tendency to try to balance too much. You can find her on Living the High Life or on Facebook.

I’m a College Educated Mom…and I Have A Lot of Tattoos

I’m a college-educated, successful businesswoman and mom. I even drive a Honda Pilot. And I still get judged because I have a lot of tattoos.

Embracing this New Body of Mine

I’ve come to realize I’ll always have that little pooch where she grew for nine beautiful months and my boobs will never defy gravity again.

All of Her Firsts are All of My Lasts

I cried when she walked for the first time. And cried every time I thought about it for the following week. She's getting big so fast...and each first is the last time.