Embracing this New Body of Mine

Remember the days where you could roll around in a bunch of carbs, never exercise or get eight hours of sleep and still wake up looking trim, perfect and well rested the next day? I do, although it seems like a lifetime away. I wish I had loved myself more and recognized the full awesomeness of a pre-child and pre-30’s metabolism. But I also have to say I’m more confident now than I ever have been before because this body is AMAZING.

This body has grown a human. Take a moment to let that fully settle in. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. It’s grown a human. I formed that little ball of sass that now tornadoes around the house, leaving destruction in her wake. My bones shifted, skin stretched, and organs moved to make room for this beautiful human inside of me. It formed lungs that can scream loud enough to make your ears bleed, a heart that beats full of compassion and ears that don’t ever listen to me. And then once that beautiful little being came into this world it changed once again, allowing me to feed my sweet baby from my body. Giving all the nutrients she needed- including ones science is still just beginning to even understand. It healed the skin, the layers of muscle and the wall of the uterus that were sliced during my C-section.

It’s been three years since my body started slowly attempting to make its way back to its original self, and I’ve come to realize I’ll always have that little pooch where she grew for nine beautiful months and my boobs will never defy gravity again. My butt will hang a little lower and I’ll carry a bit more on these thighs because my body now knows that I have someone depending on me and that if push comes to shove and I can only feed one of us, I’ll feed her. Nature is amazing. Our bodies are amazing. Women are powerhouses…both inside and out. It’s time we embrace this mom bod and all that comes with it as an honor. Like scars from battle, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. We have created and we have overcome.

For thousands of years these mom bods have been revered; worshipped even. Look at the rounded curves on goddess statues like those of Freya, Gaia, Juno, and Demeter. We, with these bodies have the power to create and sustain life. There is power and beauty in each curve and fold and change. We are why we are all still here. And that is pretty badass.

So when I see you rocking that two-piece and no cover-up in the toddler section at the pool next summer I’ll give you a nod and a smile and remind you how fabulous you look. We are a group of warriors and we are stronger together. You are amazing head to toe and better own it, especially as you strut all the pool toys and snacks back to the minivan when the pool closes.

This post originally appeared on Living the High Life. It has been reprinted with permission.

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