Man Crush Monday: Holiday Style

Welcome to the holiday edition of #ManCrushMonday! #ManCrushMonday is a weekly video segment for our #RealityMoms Community hosted by our super awesome #RealityMom Kathryn, that features our favorite men and fathers in our lives and why we should all meet them and of course, love them.

In this week’s Man Crush Monday segment, we had a couple of our fantastic dads from this year, Wes and James tell us about their holiday traditions.

My former roommate Wes’ daughter is nine. She lives out of town now and this is their first year apart for the holidays, so Wes is looking at this new beginning as an opportunity to create new traditions.

Toronto Argonaut James Yurichuk has two boys aged only aged one and three, but he has a great idea of document their growth and change through the years.

Catch ME tonight – December 19 on the Reality Moms Holiday House Tour. I’ll be streaming live on Facebook with my family at 6:30PM EST—our urban townhouse is super tiny, so unless my kids are really talkative, it’ll be a quick hit and peek into our downtown world and then we come back live online an hour later from across the city in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city. If you are all really lucky, I’ll wear an ugly sweater and show you the CN Tower from my doorstep.

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