REALITY MOMS PARTNER: 9 Ways to Pack for a Big Move

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m not calm. I’m not collected. And I’m definitely not ready to pack up my life along with my 2 kids & husband and move from Philly to San Francisco! It is going to be amazing once getting there but the process is as painful as going to the dentist with a cavity!

Even though I have lived in the same house for 10 years I’ve had my fair share of big moves. I moved from Chicago to Philly. Before that, I probably moved yearly or sometimes a few times a year. No joke!  Even though I’m terrified of the process there is a sense of calm knowing this is like riding a bike. I can totally do this!


9 Ways to Pack for a Big Move

  1. Great boxes.  You can’t use boxes that are weak and already falling apart. It’s just not possible to achieve everything all in one piece that way.
  2. Great packing tape. One of the easiest ways to fail is to have bad tape. The tape is literally the glue that holds it all together!  Duck brand MAX tape from Sam’s Club is seriously the dream travel tape for anyone moving. #DuckMax tape is 100% stronger than acrylic tapes and it’s extremely thick for heavy-duty box sealing. (Grab an 8 pack of heavy duty, clear tape for under $20 at your local Sam’s Club in the office supplies aisle!)
  3. Start the day you decide to move! I know. Who REALLY wants to jump on it until last minute? I’m a procrastinator like no other. However, it doesn’t pay to be late on your moving plans.
  4. LABEL – LABEL – LABEL! You think you know everything? I can assure you your movers have no clue! The most important part of the process in my honest opinion is making sure you label everything appropriately for your move. Use color-coded DUCK tape!  Use a certain color marker! Use labels of different shapes and sizes. Be creative but also make it mega simple in the process.
  5. Don’t skimp on padding. Use towels. Use bubble wrap. Use unprinted newspapers along the way. No matter what you do don’t pack air. If there are pockets with nothing in them? Fill it with something!
  6. Have a specific packing place in your house. Some call it a staging room. I call it an ‘if all else fails’ room. Find a place in your house that you can really drop in the products you want, donate others & sell the rest. A packing place with markers, DUCK tape and padding is important to get your process moving along.
  7. Believe in your clipboard of fun. Some use a big old binder. I for one use a clipboard. I’m totally not THAT organized! If I call it the Clipboard of Fun then my family thinks this whole moving thing is fun. Brilliant, right? Eh. I try.
  8. Count your blessings. Oh come on. I know you think that doesn’t help the packing process but it does! If you find items you don’t want – remind yourself someone else will love the blessings you donate. Even if you have that pile of stuff that you feel are too special to launch? Do. It. And count it as a blessing when you do!
  9. Give your moving crew food. There is no doubt in my mind that if you take care of the people taking care of your life possessions? They will go that extra special mile to product your boxes of awesome.

Now that you’re anxiety of moving has lifted, did I miss any tips you want to add?



Duck Brand sponsored this post. All opinions are mine alone.

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