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How I Got My Kids to Help Take Care of the Dogs

When we first brought our two dogs home I imagined taking them everywhere with me. I imagined they would be well-behaved, listen to commands, and sleep by my feet. I planned to bathe them once a week and send them to the groomers at least once a month. Then I had kids. And none of that happened. After a few obedience lessons, my Boston Terrier still stares at me when I ask him to lay down and continually jumps when I tell him “no jump.”  During those early years of…

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Five Tips for Potty Training Success

You know the feeling you get when you are on a road trip with your family and your kids ask, “are we there yet?” for the billionth time? Well, that is basically the feeling you get when you are potty training a toddler. Potty Training is THE. WORST. I’ve been through potty training twice and thank goodness I am done because I just about lost my sanity with my last child. After being through it with two children I have gathered a few pieces of advice to impart on those of…

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My Threenager Makes the Terrible Twos Look Easy

When my daughter blew out three candles on her birthday cake I thought we had done it. Together, my husband and I had survived the terrible twos. Together we endured the meltdowns and shared eye rolls  and exasperated sighs when we heard the same question repeated again, and again, and again. We were prepared for the terrible twos Every parent warned us about the terrible twos so we’d been prepared. No one gave us a heads up about the trying threes. It feels like the second my daughter blew out…

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