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Calming College Admission Anxiety

College applications are pretty much finished and submitted. Now the waiting starts—the agonizing waiting to hear did your teen get in or not?

I Know 13 is Weird

I know 13 is weird. I know some changes are happening at warp speed and some are taking their sweet time.

Preparing for Your First College Drop Off

As college drop-off day approaches, you and your teens are likely to wrestle with a wide range of emotions. Remember to breathe.

How To Deal With Teenagers when they lie, and keep lying

I catch him lying, he knows he’s lying, he knows I know he’s lying…and he lies anyway.

Parenting Through Anxiety

Summer sports, camps, trips, boredom, and crafts take over my world, space, and mind. I find myself spinning in circles some days.

Letting Our Children Grow By Letting Them Fail

My point today is that not EVERY situation requires intervention. We want to grow responsible, compassionate humans. To fail is to grow.

When Do You Change the Conversation from Restraint to Responsibility?

After years of talking about under-aged drinking with my son, I never shifted the conversation from restraint to responsibility. At age 21, we figure they can do what they want. The drinking conversation stops....
obnoxious things

5 Obnoxious Things that Only Moms of Boys Experience

It's been a long haul to become the mother of a teen boy. These are five obnoxious things that only moms of boys have to experience.

Science Says: Early School Starts are Unhealthy

Studies have shown that early school start times are detrimental to kids health, causing issues with weight, depression, and general school performance.

7 Emotions Parents of Teens Feel Every Single Day

Raising a teen is often likened to riding a rollercoaster, but that may be an understatement. I charted the emotions that came with parenting for a few days. It was a lot.