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5 Obnoxious Things that Only Moms of Boys Experience

Dear Son, You’re not so small now. You’ve got a hairy face and a small but steady paycheck. It’s time to pay the piper. When you were five I accepted those dandelion bouquets, plucked from the yard and placed in plastic cups. When you were ten, I was thrilled at the Dollar Store finds you presented: a porcelain boy perched on a mushroom (yes, a mushroom), a polka dotted hair bow, a plastic string of beads. And while I still own those trinkets and cherish their sweet garishness, you’ve outgrown…

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What I Want My Tweens to Know About Dieting

Earlier this year, I visited my doctor for my annual exam. My lab reports were stellar, but apparently, I put on a few pounds in my middle. According to her, I am in a healthy, normal weight range, but she advised me to be aware that since I am in my forties and perhaps my metabolism is slowing down, I may want to start watching what I eat a little bit more. She mentioned phrases like “hormonal shifts” and “pre-menopausal”, but in the end, she flatly exclaimed:“I don’t want to see…

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When Parenting Doesn’t Go As Planned

I have never professed to be some sort of parenting Guru. I lie. I have. Maybe not a Guru, but I certainly sat atop my high parenting horse and claimed EVERYTHING I was doing was exactly right. When my kids were babies, I knew everything. I was an expert in parenting. Or so I thought. From the moment I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I had a plan. I was going to be the perfect mother. I read ALL the books (that makes me an expert…

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