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Avoid the Summer Slide: Sneak in Some Learning!

It's summer, time for a break and a recharge, but summer can be hard for parents—kids are home and want to be entertained. How do you avoid the dreaded summer slide?

Short Summer Getaways from Philadelphia

The Jersey Shore is AWESOME, but if you're in Philadelphia, it's not the only place that you can go to get away from it all.

Planning Last Minute Summer Getaways

It happened again. You meant to plan a summer vacation. But it seemed like you had plenty of time. Now, somehow, you're staring down July.

11 Cheap (or Free) Summer Activities for Kids

After a few summers at home with the kids, I know it doesn’t take too long before you run out of things to do the kids and they’re screaming “We’re BORED.” And while theme...

Summertime Reads for Any Mom

It’s summer, which means warm weather, road trips, and vacations to see Grandma—which means I also get a few to read a good book!

Summer Vacation Can’t Come Soon Enough

Summer vacation is right around the corner and I've survived another school year. Only 20 days remain and I've got this.

What To Do When The Summer Blahs Hit

RealityMoms is nothing if not proactive, so we asked our moms what their favorite inexpensive go-tos are when the summer boredom hits.

Our Summer Bucket List is About More than Summer

Our summer bucket list is about so much more than just summer. It is about continuing treasured traditions from the past and preparing her for the big world ahead.

I’m Not Ready For Summer

Don't get me wrong, I love spending vacation time with my kids. But this year, I'm just not ready for summer. Can you call the school board and let them know?
fourth of july hacks

#RealityMom Fourth of July Hacks

Independence Day is the quintessential American holiday. It’s the first “real” summer holiday after school ends. It’s a time to get out your barbecue and favorite summer drinks, spend some time on the deck...