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#RealityMom Fourth of July Hacks

Independence Day is the quintessential American holiday. It’s the first “real” summer holiday after school ends. It’s a time to get out your barbecue and favorite summer drinks, spend some time on the deck with friends and family and top it off with lighting things on fire. How could it get any better? We asked #RealityMoms about their Fourth of July hacks:

The Best Fourth of July Hacks

For sparklers, we use a paper cup and stick the sparkler through a tiny hole we make in the bottom. The kids hold the end of the sparkler inside the cup so they don’t get burnt. — Morgan Star – Rookie Mommy Raising Boys

My daughter’s vegetarian. I’m vegan so we always go to BBQ’s and cookouts with a secret stash of our own food. Or if I have my sh#$ together, I bring a veggie rice dish that we can eat (which seems a lot more sociable that bringing a big bag of food with “Don’t touch” scribbled in Sharpie on it!) — Rosemond Cranner, Round and Round Rosie.

We let our little ones drink party punch after dinner to keep them awake late. It is: one gallon Hawaiian Punch (any flavor), one 2L of Cream Soda, one quart (caffeinated) green tea, and smashed/frozen fruit (strawberries, pineapple, and raspberries are our fave combo). You can semi-freeze the whole concoction for shaved ice if you want, too. — Kristina HammerThe Angrivated Mom

My Husband has an easy hack for cleaning the barbecue before your guests arrive. Fire up the grill, then cut an onion in half. Use a fork to stick the onion and get the juices running. Run the cut side all over the (now hot) grill. The oils from the onion will help remove most of the grit – and it adds an extra little bit of flavor. Lola from Live by Surprise.

Of course you’d go to #RealityMoms for the best Fourth of July hacks!

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