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Summer Vacation Can’t Come Soon Enough

Summer vacation is right around the corner and I’ve survived another school year. Only 20 days remain and I’ve got this. Dreams of summertime fun will power me through these last few weeks of stress. Over the past two years, I have designed and implemented a new school lunch program with my oldest son, who is a chef. Feeding the kids each day and teaching them about healthy eating and nutrition is a job I love. My job is rewarding and I really love it, but everyone needs some time off. I need my summer vacation to recharge and relax and reconnect with my family and friends.

This year was filled with stress, homework, projects, and so much aggravation.

As a mom to five kids, I never expect the school year to be easy. But some years are just more difficult than others. Waving goodbye to this school year will feel so good. A sense of relief washes over me with another year almost complete. At the end of this school year, I will have a sophomore in college, majoring in Japanese with a 4.0 his first year. I will also have an eleventh grader with crazy math skills, an eighth grader with his great knowledge of technology, and a fourth grader who is full of smiles, singing, and happiness. As my kids get older, each school year gets harder. Homework is more complicated, projects have more steps and materials, and the kids’ complaining is louder. Summer vacation is the time that we savor, cherish and enjoy.

Summer vacation is freedom. Without school and homework, we have time to relax, explore and learn. Since I was a teacher for many years, our summer will include learning. Paper and pencil, math facts, computer practice, and learning through experiences. We will travel and explore new areas. We will sleep late and catch up on our rest. We will experiment with many recipes and develop some new favorites. Board games will be dusted off and played again. Library visits will provide books that will be read for fun, no analyzing or writing 50 word definitions.

Kids will be kids, and we will have fun!

Summer vacation will include plenty of complaining and a daughter saying she’s bored. I can’t wait to be bored and have fewer responsibilities. Boredom is good for your kids and they need time to relax and enjoy some unstructured time. Summer vacation feels like it goes by so quickly because the days are filled with love, fun, and enjoyment. No reasons to get up early in the morning anymore. We will all feel well rested and relaxed. On the flip side, I sympathize with those parents who dread summer. I hope you will also find some fun times amidst the chaos. I can taste the freedom of our summer and it tastes so good. Enjoy this time fellow Moms and Dads, as the time goes by so quickly! Take the time to enjoy your kids, as before you know it they will be off on their own adventures.

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