#MyRealMomAdventures with Fruit Shoot

my-real-mom-adventuresSometimes Motherhood means bringing in backup.  Better talent.  Awe, heck. Who am I kidding: PUTTING your kids to work at an early age!  My two boys know how to get an audience turned up and our latest #MyRealMomAdventures surely won’t disappoint!.

But before we get into the absolute fun as we kick off this holiday season—let me share more info with you about Robinson’s Fruit Shoot!  These tasty kids’ drinks come in regular and with no sugar added. Fruit Shoot is made with real fruit juice, no high-fructose corn syrup and kids love every flavor from apple to strawberry/banana to wild berry grape.  (My three-year-old is OBSESSED with the apple flavor!)  One great thing about Fruit Shoot you gotta know is that it comes with no artificial flavors.

Fruit Shoot is very new in the US but did you know that they have been around for over 110 years?  Truth!  Another fun fact is that they have sponsored Wimbledon for 75 years making it one of the longest sponsorships in the world.  And for many years they have been determined to get kids up and moving around the world.  They partner with Tough Mudder for Mini Mudders and that in and of itself tells me they believe in adventurous kids!

My eight-year-old Boston and I have been doing adventures for a few years and loving every minute of it.  So when Fruit Shoot asked us to rock out on Facebook Live I was ALL over it!  Check out our ‘Real Mom Adventure’ with Boston and Hudson courtesy of the great tasting Fruit Shoot brand.  Oh – and the game we play?  Pie Face SHOWDOWN, of course!

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored, but my opinions are real!

Joey Fortman (Founder, RealityMoms)

Joey Fortman is the brains behind #RealityMoms. In 2008, after 20+ years in traditional media hosting radio shows around the country, Joey traded in the microphone for a diaper bag, struggling through her own personal crisis: unemployed, overweight and lost in the land of mommy bloggers. Little did Joey know, her traditional media background would pave the way for success at Real Mom Media. As a sought after media magnet, Joey has been featured nationally on Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, Anderson Cooper, the Katie Couric Show, Dr. Oz, Redbook, The Today Show, The Talk, Fox and Friends & The Newlywed Game. When not at the sports complex with one of her kids, on an island or a grocery store run, or on Facebook Live with #RealityMoms contributors, Joey is obsessed with adult coloring.

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