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No Underwater Piano for My Kid

Underscheduled? My daughter looks at hobbies like a buffet—today she is on another ballet kick, last month it was pottery. She can't pick just one.

10 Tips for Taming the Homework Monster

As a parent, I struggled with whether I helped too much with homework, nagged too much or was being naïve in taking their word when they didn't have any.

Summer Vacation Can’t Come Soon Enough

Summer vacation is right around the corner and I've survived another school year. Only 20 days remain and I've got this.

What To Do When The Summer Blahs Hit

RealityMoms is nothing if not proactive, so we asked our moms what their favorite inexpensive go-tos are when the summer boredom hits.

Should My Child Swim Alone?

When can I let my child swim alone? It's not a simple yes or no answer. There are some things that have to be considered.

The Parenting Lesson I Learned From My Youngest

I desperately wanted my kids to have an easier time dealing with the world than I did. But they've taught me so much.

5 Tips for the Senior Mom from a Mom Who’s Been There

Now it's Senior Year and at times it's going to feel like you won't make it through. Of course we will! (This is my second time so I know it's doable).  

Recognizing the Beauty of ADHD is Harder Than You Think

Parenting a child with ADHD can feel a bit like you’re walking in the dark—you tiptoe around, unsure of what you will come up against. Sometimes you may say or do something to set off a mini emotional explosion.
summer day camp

How to Choose a Summer Day Camp

The reality is that I have no earthly idea what I am doing with the big kid during school breaks, and have mostly been covering my ears and humming repetitive tunes rather than having to research it, price it, and register. For short breaks, I foist her off on friends...

The Reality Of Missing School And Chronic Absenteeism

Many parents don’t realize that even when absences are excused or understandable, absences can greatly impact a child’s education.