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Last Minute Gift Ideas and Holiday Wishes from #RealityMoms

In case there are still some dads out there looking for last minute gifts, we asked #RealityMoms what presents they’ve received that they treasured the most.

My husband surprised me with an iPad the year my oldest was born. He wanted me to be able to breastfeed and not go cross-eyed with boredom. It was a total shock, not something he would have gotten me normally. (Glynis, RM’s Social Media Manager).

Way, way, WAY back in my old dating life, I got tickets from an ex boyfriend to a Limp Bizket and Korn concert…and a kettle. Concert tickets cool, but the kettle?? (Kathryn, RM’s Video Maven)

This was kind of the gift that keeps on giving…but for Christmas just before Hubs and I got married, I got him box seats at the Opera. I’d never been before, and box seats seemed like the best way to go. And luckily I did too—because shortly after I got them I broke my leg quite badly and I was casted and in a wheel-chair when we went. (Lola, RM’s Editor in Chief)

When my son was a newborn, my mom gave me a pack of ballroom dance classes (something I’d always wanted to try) and arranged for a babysitter. (Jennifer Weedon Palazzo, RM Contributor, MomCaveTV)

My pink drum set from my parents. Totally indulgent, something I’d always wanted and a great stress reliever. (Heather LeRoss, RM Contributor, Tipsy Tiaras)

Our son was four months old when my husband gave me my engagement ring. (Serendipity Indigo, RM Contributor, Mother of Serendipity)

Our daughter was born a week before Christmas and my husband bought me some gift cards for some much needed pampering. (Vanessa Heron, RM Contributor, Like Mother, Like Daughter)

The staff and writers at #RealityMoms would like to wish you and your family a very happy holiday, whatever holiday you are celebrating, filled with food and friends and family. We wish you all the best in the new year.

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