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How I Learned to Spell Love

In my forty-nine years on this planet, I have had the chance to meet some amazing people and make a lot of good friends. Some have lasted beyond time and circumstance, while others have ended naturally after school, or a move or job change. A few ended painfully. But there is one friend whose effect on me was so profound that I think of her often. Carol and I were in the same afternoon kindergarten class. She was my ideal of what a girl should look and be like. Her…

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Everything in Moderation: Especially Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has never been my thing. But I appreciate the day for what it represents—an immense worldwide consumption of bright red, heart-shaped boxes filled with random selections of chocolate. While your outer dialogue may be filled with angst, disgust, and temptation, your inner dialogue is more than likely shouting, “YAY! CANDY!” Though there may be some extreme health nuts attempting to create impressive, yet lacklustre, low-calorie Valentine’s Day recipes, there are a boatload of us who will be happily digesting our five pound boxes of chocolate in a day…

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