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Preparing for Your First College Drop Off

As college drop-off day approaches, you and your teens are likely to wrestle with a wide range of emotions. Remember to breathe.
expensive arts degree

10 Ways My Expensive Arts Degree Prepared Me for Parenthood

My expensive arts degree from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts was money well spent - I learned a whole lot of stuff that helps me be an awesome mom.
summer scholarship motivation strategies

5 Smart Summer Scholarship Motivation Strategies

For college-bound students, summer is the best time to work on scholarship motivation strategies - to get a jump on the game before school starts.
save money when your child goes away to college

Saving Money When Your Child Goes Away To College

Sending a student away to college is life-changing for parents and students. It's still possible to save money when your child goes away to college.

Touring Universities Near and Far

As my son has started touring universities, I'm finding I have conflicted feelings. I want to help him out the door, but he's still my baby.

Money Management 101 for College Kids

Of all the things I wish they taught in school, I wish there were a better understanding of budgeting and debt. I graduated high school with a ton of bad advice on establishing a...

It Was Never About The Leggings

In a recent letter to a university newsletter a mom pleads for the young women on campus to “think of the mothers of sons the next time [they] go shopping."

Don’t Wait Until High School is Over to Start Planning for College!

I'm starting planning for college now. I'm shopping for what he needs now. We're researching with him where he can save money...and where I can as well.

How to Choose Who Will Write Your Letter of Recommendation Writer for College Scholarships

Students seeking college scholarship money need to think long and hard about who they ask to write their letters of recommendation.

My Kid Went to University and I’m Not a Mess

My child went away to university and I’m completely fine. Yes, I miss him. I most certainly am excited for the next time I see him. But I’m not sad. I’m okay.