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I Like My Mom Better When She’s Stoned

My mom has decided now that she’s 71, it’s time to say f-you to what people think and embrace the freedom that comes with being 71 and not caring. This recently included a trip...

“Stuff” That Happens When Your Aging Parents Need to Move

The reason my aging parents' things have made their way to my home—and the homes of my siblings—is they're moved to a senior living apartment.
aging parents

#RealityCheck: Caring for Aging Parents

I seriously am not allowed to be Debbie Downer every time I get into reality with #RealityMoms.  But man alive, doesn’t reality scare you sometimes?  Someone please tell me that I’m not the only...

How I Became a Grown-Up

Do you want to know when you really become a grown up? It’s when you have to take care of your parent. The day you realize you’re the caregiver. That the balance has shifted...