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A Life on Repeat

My head is pounding. My neck is stiff. And, my eyes are cursing at me, wondering why I am on the computer. But here I am. I haven’t written in months (cue the record player to repeat). I feel as though I am accomplishing nothing within my life. So, I figured if I wrote then I could pat myself on the back. I don’t know who I am anymore. Yes, a mother and a wife. But, is it bad to say I am tired of being a stay-at-home mom? I…

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Motherhood: Is it Worth It?

“So is it worth it?” asks my colleague somewhat skeptically from across the cafeteria table. We’re sitting on bar stools—her— obliviously as someone would in their natural habitat, me—painfully aware of my status as a temporary bar stool sitter. I’m new and she doesn’t know much about me. I am, at this point, a patchwork quilt displaying patches of 5am risings, occasionally stained blazers and usually uneventful weekends. Peeking from behind is the quilt itself, which is everything else that makes you-at-work: personality, work style, resume. “But is it worth…

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