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Only Eighteen Christmases

Eighteen gets to be a gut-wrenchingly small number when you realize that’s the number of times you have to make significant memories with your kids.

I was Seven and I’m Still Traumatized

I was seven when it happened; roughly the same age as my kids are now. I got lost at the zoo. And I'm still traumatized by it.

I Refuse to Send My Kids to the Same Sex Washroom Alone

“Please. Boys over six years of age use the Men’s restroom. Thank you.” What are your thoughts on this? Posted by Mom Life – Keeping it Real on Saturday, 22 April 2017 This sign has...

#RealityMoms Crafts: Teacher Gifts

Dina Drew of MomCaveTV has been working in the #RealityMoms Crafting Lab to come up with the perfect teacher gift for the end of the school year. Get your own crafting supplies from Amazon Or…if...