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How I Got My Kids to Help Take Care of the Dogs

When we first brought our two dogs home I imagined taking them everywhere with me. I imagined they would be well-behaved, listen to commands, and sleep by my feet. I planned to bathe them once a week and send them to the groomers at least once a month. Then I had kids. And none of that happened. After a few obedience lessons, my Boston Terrier still stares at me when I ask him to lay down and continually jumps when I tell him “no jump.”  During those early years of…

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Should We Do The Allowance Thing?

I’ll be upfront—I don’t have an answer to that question. It’s one I’ve struggled with for a while now. I have a four-year-old (and a one-year-old) and it’s been a goal of ours to make sure our kids understand money. Not just that you spend it, but how you earn it, why you should save it, and how to avoid not having enough of it. You know—all of those ins and outs that as grown-ups we may struggle with ourselves. Allowance seems to come up when you start thinking about…

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