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First Day of School: In the Blink of an Eye

I blinked. And I must have blinked for a really long time because here we are. My first child is going to kindergarten. I spoke that sentence out loud so many times this past month that I have lost count. Everyone wants to know how he is feeling and how I am feeling. There are words to describe my emotions and yet there are no words at all. My baby (yes, that’s right MY BABY) is going to walk through the school doors and he is going to be alone….

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Letter to My Daughter on her First Day of High School

Dear Daughter, Tomorrow you start high school and I couldn’t be more excited for you. I know you’re worried about remembering your locker combination and which staircase to take, and yes, I’ve already bugged you today by showing you the photo from your first day of kindergarten. But if you’d be so kind as to indulge me just a little more, I wanted to share a few thoughts before you head out the door bright and early tomorrow morning. I hope you will be brave. I know that a new…

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And Then She Took the Lead

The morning of my daughter, Lorelei’s, first day of school was a blur of preparation—packing her lunch, the perfect first-day outfit, pristine white sandals with small flowers, making sure her book bag had all of the required kindergarten school supplies. Her brother was only four months old, and had arrived into this world two months early; I was lost in a foggy world of sleep deprivation and emotional numbing, and not feeling particularly sentimental as I brushed the tangles out of her hair. I wanted to get her off to school…

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