All About Joey!

Joey Fortman, 20 year radio vet, turned MOM, took her career to a whole different dimension when she left the radio business in 2008 to bring her story to life online.  With real life recovery of Postpartum Depression after her oldest son Boston was born, Joey started blogging about her loneliness, depression & real life identity crisis.  Seeing a constant hole in the digital space of women affectionately known as ‘mommy bloggers’, Joey made it her mission to empower these women to see & do so much more than wipe a butt & band-aid cut knees.

After many years & opportunities to empower other women in the digital space she realized there was something missing.


Too many women feel pressured to share only the glossy-photoshopped-images of life and live this whole world behind a computer fully stocked with all the plugins, photoshop and candy coated cliches available. This is not reality.  Reality Moms was founded with one thing in mind.

Reality Moms was founded with one thing in mind.