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My Favorite Yoga Inspired Outfits

At least I try. When it comes to my mom yoga wear - I can't even believe I'm officially "that" mom. We all know we have an entire wardrobe of fitness attire!

In this day and age, so many other women work like I do. A work from home mom looking for comfort while running here, there and everywhere. Those of us who do usually have to sit in the car line or fit in a fitness class all while running a real-life empire!

I may not be a fashion blogger but I am a fashionable mom. At least I try. When it comes to my mom-yoga-wear. I can’t even believe I’m officially that mom. We all know we have an entire wardrobe of fitness attire!

While visiting a friend in Denver, Colorado last summer I found a pair of comfortable yoga pieces by PrAna (use this code for 15% off: AEJES18) and I loved them. The top gets compliments every time I wear it and the pants are pink!

When I got the opportunity to review an outfit from PrAna I knew I was excited to see what they had out for spring. Fast track and my top and pants came! I have to tell you the truth, it is honestly the most comfortable pair of pants I’ve ever worn! The fact that they barely look like loungewear means I can wear them anywhere!  I love them rolled up at the cuffs. The Shala Pant in coal is what I got and the feel is amazing! (Don’t tell anyone but I wore them two days in a row. So what! ha) The top is the Getup Sweater in Fairhope Blue.

Cutest right? PrAna is a very organic loving brand. They revolve around stylish and sustainable clothing and accessories that can be loved no matter where you are in the world! They want you to look good while you play hard!

I hope you’ll check them out next time you see them! And head over to their website to get a FABULOUS discount too! Use the code AEJES18 to get 15% off any non-sale items. It’s good until April second so get shopping!!!

What item would you love to have that is PrAna?


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