Remember when you had a baby and you started your obsession with poop? I know for me, I made fun of all the new moms who talked about poop as if it was a trip to the mall! When I became one of THOSE moms, I knew that a baby and their poop is the ruling of your life on many days!

I got the chance to get the Baby & Toddler Basics book by Tanya Altmann and I could not believe the information that I wish I had when my kids were babies. The Big Poop controversy answered. Of course the book covers a lot more than poop. Expert answers to the top 150 questions at that. But poop is my power post here in the fact that the issues that took over my life was involving poop!

Within the first 24 hours of birth babies pass this royally funky stuff called meconium. I remember how horrified I was when I saw it for the first time! Did you know breast fed babies and formula babies have totally different looking poops? Yup.

Gross right?

Listen, we all do it. It’s a part of life. Especially apart of life in babies! The book also talks about diarrhea and constipation. My oldest had constipation so bad he ended up dehydrated. If I didn’t ask my pediatrician I would have never known he was dehydrated and my situation could have been a very big deal if I didn’t catch it in time. The book is like a long lost conversation with your girlfriend. From toddler tantrums to breastfeeding, baby care and beyond you’ll find easy and quick answers to your ‘OMG’ moments of early motherhood.

I found in Baby and Toddler Basics answers to the problems that many moms have with ear infections. They all get them but how do you know if it really is bad or just a cold? Did you know there are different kinds of ear infections? Middle ear and outer ear infections vary with a child and their ages and stages. My sister had a boy who had ear infections almost daily. She ended up having tubes put in his ears and it was life changing. Not just for him but for their family as well! Dr Altmann says that your child may be a candidate for tubes if they have at least 3 ear infections in 6 months or more than 4 infections in 12 months. Often times kids have fluid behind the ear drums. That’s an issue too.

Let’s talk medication for a minute. Remember when you freaked out because you thought you gave your baby too much ibuprofen? Maybe for you that wasn’t a scary part of new motherhood but it was for me. Half the time I was in a sleeping stupor and ripped the box and packaging in the process of getting it open. Don’t do what I did!  It’s very important to focus and understand what and when you’re giving your child medication. Dr. Altmann says to make a log of the time and amount given. Always use the dropper or medicine cup that comes with the product. Don’t mix medication types. Call your pediatrician if you aren’t sure of what dose to give your baby.

So much to know, I know. Not to mention scary as hell, right? Here’s some entertainment with Kelly & Ryan that will ease your motherhood mania!

What are/were your biggest fears as a new mom?

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