Why Every Mom Needs a Vacation

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I honestly can’t even believe I’m typing this right now.  I mean, seriously who on EARTH doesn’t KNOW already—THEY NEED A VACATION? If you don’t think you need a break sister, sit your butt down and hear another mother tell you how and WHY.

It’s minutes from back-to-school in my house. I know. I’m late to the #BTS game since I was other-mothered already on Instagram with every mom and their back to school plans already.  Never fear – Under Armour hooked us up with incredible back to school gear (did you see how cute they were dressed in uniforms?? Thanks #UANext for that!)

I’m on a special trip right now that I can’t share a whole lot of but my cousin Laura just so happens to be visiting me on a mini vacation in NYC. We have talked more in the past two days than we have had the chance to connect in the past five years! It really was an exciting opportunity to fit in a mini vacation with family.

Most of my family assume I’m this jet-setting-fool that travels the world because my husband and I can afford it. WRONG again. We travel because I wholeheartedly believe my children have a better time traveling by being immersed into the culture of the people we are connecting with. I want them to know all these awesome things about the world before they can make judgement on the character of the person they meet. Honestly. Truthfully. It’s the ONLY way I can teach my kids anything.  I’m not a teacher. I didn’t go to college to teach kids. I went to college to be an actress.  Yeah.  I’m a drama queen, friends.  To the core!

Anyway – check out me out on Today Parenting talking about how my vacations changed after kids!

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