happy mother's day! child daughter congratulates mother and gives a bouquet of flowers to tulips and gift

What Your Wife Really Wants for Mother’s Day

Hey Dads. I’ll bet you thought that #RealityMoms was all about moms didn’t you? Well, we’re here to help you out too. Well, at least in the sense that we know that you’re looking for the best things to do to show the mother of your children how much you love her, just in time for Mother’s Day. So we asked our #RealityMoms how their best Mother’s Day went. Here’s what they said:

“Got up. We had a family breakfast we all made AND cleaned up together. Went to get plants for the garden and randomly stopped and played wiffle baseball in the park. In the rain. It was awesome!!!” – Joy from Evil Joy Speaks

“Last year’s was the first Mother’s Day where my son could say, “I love you, mama,” and my husband put together an adorable video with my little guy saying it at various points. It was also a really fun day. In the morning we went to my toddler’s Soccer Shots session where the kids gave all the moms flowers and then we drove an hour to my favorite casual waterfront restaurant and just had an amazing time together.” – Candace from The Mom at Law

“Mine was when the kids and my hubby—more my daughter than my son I’ll bet—made me breakfast in bed. Then we all went on a waterfall hike with another family. Gorgeous day. No whining or complaining. We got muddy and hot and laughed. And having a mom friend was really nice actually. Bliss for this mama!!” – Dana from Parenting in Real Life

It had been a REAL long winter. Like never-ending. Like I think it snowed the weekend before Mother’s Day that year. Hubs took us out to the local butterfly conservatory. It wasn’t the Bahamas, but it was positively tropical in there and a lovely sunny day. We went out for a quiet lunch afterwards, my youngest two fell asleep in the car on the way home. Still makes me smile. – Lola from Live by Surprise

Kori Reid Stevenson also has some helpful hints on how to do Mother’s Day right:

So guys? Have you taken some hints? Moms just want simple and sweet. Quality time with you and the kids over jewelry and chocolate. Maybe breakfast in bed, a little vacuuming, and some quiet time in the bathroom. Doesn’t it sound delightful?

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