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Freshest Fast Food Salad on the Planet


This is a sponsored post in partnership with Wendy’s restaurants. All parts of our story are our own!

Food is always a struggle with being a working mom of two boys with hungry stomachs. Trying to get them fed before their game is nearly impossible and grabbing fast food is always the first on deck when life gets in the way and my kids complain about being hungry.

Getting my boys to eat something other than burger and fries is always a challenge.  Getting them to eat a salad?  Nearly impossible!  Except for last week—I was able to get them to taste a salad I brought home from an event I was a part of with Wendy’s.  They LOVED it!  We have had Wendy’s salads three times since then too!

The event I went to assured me how fresh their ingredients are and how great their food is.  They actually cut up all the ingredients fresh every morning.  As a kid, I always loved watching the commercials with Dave Thomas talking about his daughter Wendy and selling the greatness of Wendy’s restaurants. It really did get me to tell my parents I wanted Wendy’s for dinner. The unfortunate part of growing up in a small town though is there was no Wendy’s in a 20-mile radius.  Wendy’s trips were very rare in our house. But what a treat when we did make the trip.

Fast forward to today.  There is a Wendy’s nearly across the street from my house.  My boys always love their square burgers. Too funny when your kids notice the most interesting things, isn’t it? “Mom, why are Wendy’s burgers square?”  (Google it, kid. I did!)  By the way, their burgers are as FRESH as their salads are. I love to hear that as a mother!

Can I share with you my Wendy’s Salad Taste Test?

STRAWBERRY MANGO: Just like it sounds—it tastes like SUMMER! This was by far my most fave salad Wendy’s carries. I have actually bought it three times since I tried it!

FRESH MOZZARELLA:  If you are a mozz fan, you’ll love this salad. It’s fresh and tasty but considering that isn’t my cheese of choice it was not my fave. However, they will make it with whatever cheese you want!

TACO SALAD:  When I heard about this I automatically assumed it would come out with chips and chili already on it. But fortunately, that’s not the case! They send it out with those items on the side. Perfect if you don’t want a soggy salad!  I’ve always loved the chili at Wendy’s so this was a tasty salad for sure.

Overall the strawberry mango and taco salad were my favorites.  If you’re looking for a great meal that won’t break the bank and is 100% fresh go grab Wendy’s today!

*Oh!  While you’re at it grab their new beverages perfect for a summer refresher!  Strawberry Passion FruiTea Chiller & Mango Passion FruiTea Chiller.

*This is a sponsored post with Wendy’s but my tastebuds are my own.

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