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Orlando: Toddler Travel Tips

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nick_hotel_tmnt_dinnerI never really thought about it – but it really is such a brilliant idea!

Traveling with toddlers to Orlando in May!!

Why such a great idea, you ask?

Because think about it. Spring break, the holidays mean insanity in Orlando, Florida with all the families piling into the city to take in a vacation. But in May – it’s not too hot yet. Plus the big kids are still in school. Meaning any parent who has kids that are in Pre-K and younger should TOTALLY be taking their vacations to Orlando then!

Great Toddler Travel spots in Orlando


This was by FAR the best place we visited while there this past trip! What’s great about LegoLand is not only the fact that it’s not as insane as some of the other major locations in Orlando but they are opening a fabulous new toddler attraction in May! Duplo Valley is set to open in May with some awesome new attractions for the toddlers! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to enjoy the new visitor spot when we were at LegoLand because it was all caught up in construction. But the barn was there—and I was DYING to get a sneak peak! So, when you go in May – be sure to tweet me with your shots!!

Nickelodeon Hotel

Seriously. This was a shocking addition to our stay! Everyone knows my family love of Disney. We LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney (so much so, we’re hitting up Disney Land next week!) But when I had the opportunity to ‘visit Orlando’ this time I wanted to try out something totally different. This hotel was perfect for us! They had so many great things that were not only awesome for kids – but parents too! (Remember the show back in the day hosted by Mark Summers called Double Dare? They have actual shows IN THE HOTEL!)

Travel Tips for Toddlers

Avoid Airport Baby Drama

Heaven forbid you get stuck with weather or mechanical delays or maybe even the airline lost your baggage – good news; baggage claim offices at airports will have emergency supplies of baby products, diapers, formula, baby snacks, blankets – AWESOME, RIGHT?

Have an Ear Poppin’ Plan

Speaking of airports—if you have a child under the age of one—be sure to bring a binky, bottle or something for your baby to suck on to avoid the ear pressure pain. It’s the WORST. (Have gum on hand for older kids too…you’ll be glad you did.)

Skip the Lines—Save Your Sanity

Do you despise long lines and crowded theme parks? TOTALLY need to take your toddlers to Orlando in MAY! The weather is great. It’s past spring break so the lines are SHORTER & kids’ are STILL in school! BRILLIANT time to go if you don’t have school age kids.

The Best Time To Play is May

May is also a great time because many of the theme parks in Orlando have HUGE discounts! Buy an adult ticket, get a kids ticket free type deals. Sea World, LEGOLAND, Universal & more! Check out VisitOrlando.com for the great deals!

This post originally appeared on Real Mom Media on April 7, 2014.

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