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#TreatYoShelf: Great Books by #RealityMoms

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

The #RealityMoms writing community is a diverse group of incredible women writers. If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for the mom in your life, we’d highly recommend any of these titles. (And you can find them ALL in our Amazon store.)

The Unofficial Guide to Surviving Pregnancy Without Losing Your Mind

Pregnancy is a beautiful amazing experience, but it can also be scary, gross, and exhausting. Including Reality Moms writers like Tiffany from #Lifewithboys and of course our very own Joey Fortman, The Unofficial Guide to Surviving Pregnancy Without Losing Your Mind is a collection of hilarious and heartfelt stories and advice from 37 fabulous bloggers. This is the kind of advice you can only get from one of your really good friends who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

You Do You

This year has shown us that the future is decidedly female. While raising daughters has perhaps never been simple, it is growing more complex by the day. In a parenting age that often tells young girls that they are somehow “less than,” one award-winning publisher decided to assemble a collection of voices to celebrate the girls in our lives. These are those stories. Featuring Reality Moms Joy Hedding from Evil Joy Speaks and Sarah Cottrell from Housewife Plus, You Do You is the sixth book in the New York Times bestselling I Just Want to Pee Alone series. You Do You is a love-fest for the females in our lives. This is a book for anyone in middle school to middle age.

Choose You

Written by Reality Moms Sara Robinson, Choose You contains more than 150 pages for guided journaling, including questions for reflection, useful tips, inspirational quotes, and fun ideas for self-care activities. Additionally, you’ll become an expert in the whats and whys of self-care, and learn strategies to effortlessly integrate these routines into your everyday life. Whether you’re new to the world of self-care, or you’ve been perfecting your methods for years, Choose You is the perfect companion for achieving total mind and body wellness!

Maternally Challenged: How My Special Needs Son Taught Me To Sack Up & Laugh!

Reality Moms Kathy Fallon-Chlan explores the day-to-day challenges of raising a special-needs child. Through heartwarming and hilarious personal accounts, you’ll find that you aren’t alone in dealing with family dysfunction. With Chlan’s guidance, you’ll learn methods to re-contextualize your troubles for a new outlook on parenthood and life. You may even start to laugh through the adversity.

The Pregnant Entrepreneur: How to Handle Pregnancy’s Physical, Emotional and Financial Baby Bumps While Running Your Own Business

The Pregnant Entrepreneur is the essential how-to guide for combining pregnancy with running or starting your own business. Although many pregnancy books cover going back to work in a corporation, and just as many cover how to successfully stay home, there were no books offering advice to women entrepreneurs who become pregnant…until now. Reality Moms Darla DeMorrow provides a wealth of strategies for balancing small business for women and their families, including tips on building a support team, financing maternity leave, and a smart one-page business plan for busy moms-to-be that you can complete in under an hour.

To The Mom Struggling To Hold Her Sh*t Together

This open letter reminds us all that we are not alone. In this short gift book created from her viral blog post, Reality Moms Mia Carella addresses all moms who feel that they don’t have it all together. She offers support in letting us know that we are not alone in how we feel and encouragement to not be so hard on ourselves. Great gift for any mom. “You got this, mama. Give yourself a break.”

Just Tell Me I’m Pretty: Musings on a Messy Life

With Just Tell Me I’m Pretty, Reality Moms Heather LeRoss delivers real-life stories of a woman who embodies the modern day struggle to be perfect, told with humor, honesty, and unabashed candor. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll ponder why moms talk so much about poop…

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