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Top Ten Ways to Take Care of Mom

You’re a mom. You are probably being pulled in a million different directions all day. Your husband deserves some attention from you. Your kids need to be fed and cleaned and entertained constantly.  Your pet needs to be taken care of. But when is it time to take care of mom?

You probably never think of making time for yourself but you should! How else do you expect to refuel?  Being a Mom is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week job.  The happier and more relaxed you are, the better Mom you will be – so you should take care of MOM!

10 Ways Mom Can Take Care of Mom

  1. Facebook is a great place to find a local group.  I love to join the activities from my local NOVA Housewives group each month.  They get together at restaurants, hotels, or even bars and it is a great place to meet other local women and have a great time.
  2. Buy a package deal at a local spa.  You do not want to have one spa visit, you want to have a whole bunch of these relaxing trips, so buy a package of at least a few services so you can guarantee that you will go back again soon!
  3. Find a MNO (a Mom’s Night Out) group.  These groups are typically much smaller and they get together as often as once a week to visit a bar, a wine and paint night, or a pottery painting class. I have even enjoyed a great cooking class with my group. It is a great excuse to leave the hectic night time routine behind and do something fun!
  4. Sign up for a class at your Rec Center.  Your local community college, rec center or community center offers tons of classes. What are you waiting for, sign up for one of these inexpensive options.  Ever wanted to try calligraphy? tae kwon do? or even learn how to cook Indian food? You will be surprised how many fun classes are close by.
  5. Check out activities in your neighborhood. My neighborhood has tons of activities that help you get out of the house and make friends right down the street.  We have a wine club, a book club and even a monthly Bunco group.  Finding an activity close by might be the easiest way to take care of yourself.
  6. Join a babysitting co-op.  Maybe your husband is not always available to stay home with your kids so you can go out and have fun.  If you join a babysitting co-op you can watch other kids and then someone will watch yours when necessary.  It is a cost-effective way to find babysitters and a fun way for your children to have new playmates!
  7. Get some exercise! Getting fit is probably on your list of things you should be doing. So sign up for a class and get fit and meet other Moms at the same time.  There are so many new exercise options out there, hot yoga, pilates, cycling fitness classes and much more.
  8. Eat healthy! Yup, Moms also need fruits and vegetables and whole grains and plenty of protein. Sometimes Moms find themselves snacking on Goldfish and eating the last 2 chicken nuggets on the plate. Eating this way will not make you feel good at all.  Taking care of yourself by watching what foods you consume is an easy way to make a positive change.
  9. Drink more water! If you drink soda, try to replace at least a few of those with glasses of water. Your body needs more water than you are probably drinking. This is also an easy change to make.  Buy a cute water bottle and fill it up at least three times a day.  Your body will thank you!
  10. Get more sleep!  Don’t stay up too late watching reality TV.  I love watching the Housewives as much as you do, but getting more sleep at night is really important.  If you find yourself drowsy during the day, you really need to push back your sleep pattern and try to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.  More is even better!

I hope some of these ideas are helpful and that you find some time to relax and recharge.  Moms are such hard workers and there are not many moms who take the necessary time to refuel and re-energize.  Taking a few hours to yourself can be just what you need to make it through a really tough week. Take the time to take care of you!

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