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Take Your Child To Work Day #RealityMom Edition

April is here, and that means Take Your Child To Work Day is fast approaching. Parents and children alike look forward to this day. Parents look forward to showing off their workplace to their kids, and their kids to their workplace. Children look forward to getting the chance to experience what mom or dad do all day while they are at school, as well as the chance to just miss a day of school. The event is meant to be a lesson in career education and quite literally, on-the-job training.

When I worked as an educator, my daughter was too young to participate in this day. In 2016, I resigned from my job to pursue a new direction. My daughter is now in kindergarten and I am excited to invite her to learn about my current career of a stay-at-home mom. The agenda for our day will be as follows:

Take Your Child To Work Day Agenda 2017 – The SAHM Version

5:30 AMWake daughter at least one hour before she would normally wake up and tell her, “I am hungry.”

6:00 AM: Prepare three different breakfasts consecutively, in case we decide we really want pancakes and not oatmeal or cereal after all.

6:30 AM: Eat breakfast and have screen time (aka Mommy downtime to drink coffee and peruse social media).

7:00 AM: Brush teeth and hair, wash face and get us both dressed in 15 minutes to simulate that we are running late for school.

7:15 AM: Get toddler up. Change and dress him quickly for the day.

7:30 AM: Get toddler milk and cheerios to snack on. Try to decipher what he actually wants for breakfast, as every option offered is answered with a “NO!”

7:45 AM: Pile everyone in the car to simulate the drive to school. Drive around for a while, get everyone in and out of the car at least once to recreate drop off, wave at neighbors, then return home.

8:15 AM: Play in the family room. Every time toddler says “Wook, Mommy!” ensure daughter looks and responds with, “I see! That’s great!”  She must maintain a cheerful, interested tone at all times even if she is busy playing with something else. She must also actively engage in play with the toddler for at least 15 minutes despite her long to-do list and unread emails.

8:45 AM: Change poopy diaper in toddler’s room. Use the opportunity to put the toddler in the crib long enough to throw in a load of laundry. Resume play in the family room.

9:15 AM: Realize there is still a lot of time to kill before naptime. Decide to take the toddler for a long walk outside, if weather permits. If the weather does not permit, have daughter hit the continuous play button for Blue’s Clues on the DVR.

10:30 AM: Come inside from walk or turn off TV. Calm toddler down because he is having a tantrum asking for “More ‘side!” or “More Clue!”. After several attempts to make him smile, daughter will resort to dancing the “Whip Nae Nae”. This will work. The sillier, the better.

10:45 AM: Put the toddler in Pack ‘N Play. Attempt to vacuum quickly before he gets tired of his confinement and starts up with the tantrum again.

11:00 AM: Prepare at least two main lunch options and then throw them out after only the crackers on the side are eaten.

11:45 AM: Naptime. Change toddler and put him down in the crib. We will attempt to do some things on our to-do list but will end up laying down for just a minute because it was an early morning and we’re exhausted.

1:45 PM: Attempt to take a quick shower before toddler wakes up. Fail. Get toddler up and changed.

2:00 PM: Snack time. No, the toddler can’t have more crackers. Daughter will attempt to find a healthy alternative he will eat. This will not be easy.

2:30 PM: Realize we forgot laundry in the washer. Secure toddler in the high chair, run down to the laundry room to switch the load to the dryer, then return to the “snack wars”.

3:00 PM: Pile everyone in the car again to simulate school pick up. Run to the pharmacy for essentials needed immediately, like diapers and toilet paper. Get everyone out of the car, take stroller from the trunk, strap toddler into the stroller, run in the store, purchase items, take the toddler out of the stroller, get the stroller and everyone back in the car. Drive around for a while, get everyone out and in again to recreate pick up, wave to neighbors, return home.

3:45 PM: The time daughter normally returns home from school, so even though a SAHM shift is 24 hours/7 days a week, “Take Your Child To Work Day” activities will conclude. She’s only six, after all.

I am confident this will be a very educational day. What do you think? Any activities I should add for a more complete SAHM experience?

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