How Real Moms Do the Car Line

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Not every mom would have this rite of passage. I can assure you up until my recent move to California I would have totally not believed this actually happens. However, IT DOES!

The dreaded car line. The line that parents have no choice but to sit in when they have to get their kids off to school. This line has caused an epidemic. All across America moms are spitting out their coffee because of the nimrod who is clearly oblivious to the rest of the world around them. That mom in a tennis skirt and her coffee in hand? Yeah, the one who gets OUT of the car only to go around and let little Betty out all while watching her frolic in the school zone mist?

Oh yes, girl. You know what I’m talking about. Seriously.

Now let’s talk about the daddies, shall we? When the daddies are out it is a whole new version of car line crazy. Dads tend to have this Nascar mentality that gives them permission to drive in front of everyone, cut them off and obliviously pretend they have no clue. THEY KNOW!

Now, let’s get the word out so we can put an end to this crazy car line epidemic already.

Here is what I do know:

  • Use a blinker when turning into the drop off circle. RUDE.
  • In a hurry? So are WE! Give a mutha a break. Let us in would ya?
  • When your child is allowed to exit the door – do NOT get out and open it for them!
  • Peptalk for little Betty on the ride in. Considering often times our kids go off the deepend in the a.m. it’s a good idea to help them get it together BEFORE hitting the car line.
  • Wait in the damn line. No really. Don’t go around everyone else and think you can just pop on in whenever you want. It doesn’t work that way, people!
  • Merge like normal drivers when exited the car line! No kidding. Really. Like a zipper, ok?
  • Wear yoga pants and enjoy the day ONCE exited from the car line. Of course you have to dress the part. However, wait to congratulate another mom on her yoga cuteness at the studio. Not in the car line.

Ok, hope this helps. I know it does for me. MUCH cheaper than therapy.


Doesn’t it drive you batty when parents JUST DON’T GET IT?!
Tag a mutha and help her out already. We’re here for ya sister.


Posted by Reality Moms on Thursday, 24 January 2019

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