Snacks for watching a football game. Super Bowl day party.

All The Things We’d Rather Do Than Super Bowl

We all know that most of our men like the football. And some of us #RealityMoms are even aware that there’s some sort of football type contest that goes on around this time every year. We asked our #RealityMoms what they’d rather be doing than watching it…

“I’d rather be getting a butt implant.” – Joey Fortman, The Original #RealityMom

“I’d rather get a flu shot.” – JenniferWeedon Palazzo, MomCaveTV

“I’d rather be home alone with 2 kids for a week, with no backup support…OH WAIT, THAT’S ME RIGHT NOW.” – Glynis Ratcliffe, The Joy of Cooking for Little A$$holes

“I’d rather they just give Smirking Tom the trophy, run the commercials like a movie, with a super-sized half-time show.” – Serendipity Indigo, Mother of Serendipity

I’d rather be snowboarding.” – Joy Hedding, Evil Joy Speaks

“I’d rather read nothing but depressing Facebook posts and political rants.” – Tonia Clark,

“I’d rather be eating all the food while standing awkwardly in the corner.” – Rhiannon Giles, Rhiyaya

But none of our other #RealityMoms planned to avoid SuperBowl better than Darla: “Ten years ago I spent 12 hours in labor during the SuperBowl. I have a very confusing soundtrack in my head from that day, since we had a HypnoBirthing CD playing on a constant loop (think meditation) and the doc coming in every few minutes to give hubby relevant play and score information. Every now and then I might utter, in my calm and centered voice, ‘Guys, can we please stay focused, here?'” – Darla DeMorrow – Heart Work Organizing

And of course, we have the outliers. Brooke Takhar from Miss Teen USSR and Shannan Younger from Between Us Parents are all in for a weekend of men, food, and football. Well…to each their own. We hope that all of our #RealityMoms are enjoying SuperBowl weekend the way they want to.

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