Am I the only one who thinks of the movie American Pie when thinking about Summer Camp? You know.

“This one time. At bandcamp…”

Yes! That movie is a classic. However, sending my kids to summer camp is not! At least not yet. Maybe when they’re thirty and getting all nostalgic about their childhood. Ok. Well maybe not.

For me, I never got to experience a true summer camp at least by today’s standards. I went to Vacation Bible School and Band Camp. (Yes. I was in band camp too. WHEN that movie came out. I sure learned a lot that year! lol)

As a parent though? Choosing a summer camp is a nightmare!  No joke! Trying to get this situated was like applying for college! Down to getting a return letter whether you were accepted or denied. Thank heavens this summer so good, so far!  But wait. This is the last week of school. So I can’t effectively make a judgment, can I? Oh. And I played the mellophone thank you. Not the flute. Although I love the flute but get your head out out the apple pie! Ha. I swear. I need to show that movie to my kids.

Oh? Maybe no.

We moved from Philadelphia to San Francisco and I had no idea the west coast was so versatile when it came to camp! There seriously is a camp for everything under the sun. Literally. Choices are from technology to skateboarding to you name it! All under the sun and under a roof. Except all our camps are outdoors and I’m not doing a good job keeping them sun-screened up. No mom-shaming, please.

I’m learning every year how to do something better with summer camp. At this rate, they’ll be ready for college! Maybe I could just watch them all summer.


What was your camp concoction this year? Did you get it done early? Did you wait to the last minute? Or did you camp them at all?


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