Staying Positive While Hitting the Pandemic Wall

Living in Northern California has serious perks compared to growing up in southern Illinois, living in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Chicago, St. Louis and Philly. One BIG difference is the weather. The sunshine, palm trees and the Bay breeze. Instant mood boosters. You can always tell I’m working on my self-care when I post photos of my moments on my back deck. It is/was the saving grace for me. The million times I wanted to go AWOL this year? The sunshine on my deck saved me each of those times.

In case you didn’t know, we’re in a pandemic. We’re over the shock that happened last March. The “oh sh*t” mode that happened last April-May. Then the breath of fresh air for all – summer. We’re also over the misery of hearing no more baseball. No more playdates and sleepovers.

Heck, I hope it doesn’t jinx us for saying it but we’re also (hopefully) over the winter surge.

The initial blunt force of this pandemic beast has come and gone. We got used to all the little emotional tears along the way and the gut-wrenching knives as we rolled with the punches. Saying I didn’t find myself bawling my eyes out in the car alone would be lying. Everyone I talked to always made it abundantly clear how positive I was.

I sure tried. Boy did I ever…just before we got into this mess, I walked into a shiny, brand new job. It was hard. I couldn’t express my emotions and support for my Warrior Mom friends fighting the good fight during the election. (I work for a company owned by a church that I respect wholeheartedly. I respect their wishes, their social media policy and above all their request to avoid political convo at all cost.) Those that know me know that I am a very loud and proud of fighting for maternal mental health, veterans and kids causes. But I get it.

My station is the “Feel Good” station, KOIT 96.5. My job is to STAY POSITIVE! Ugh. Except for today. I’m hitting the pandemic wall. Although, I do feel hopeful. Very hopeful. I feel hopeful that in the next six months life will be in a better place. Where? That part I don’t know. But what I do know is that I can only control my own happiness. I just wish I wouldn’t find it in a box of donuts!

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