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How to Make Spring Break Feel Like Summer

Next week is SPRING BREAK! Are you ready? And if you’re going something warm and tropical – TAKE ME!!!! ha. I know I just got back from an island in Florida – but HELLO – I’m obsessed with SUN AND FUN! OBSESSED is an understatement!

This morning I hung out at my kids preschool and talked all kinds of awesome for spring break.

The first segment – Things You Can Do Over Spring Break with your Kids that FEEL Like Summer! This was a LOT of fun. But honestly, PURE CHAOS. Insanity! I don’t work well with kids going nuts around me – can you see the sweat beads on my face? Thought I was going to die trying to keep the faith in the crazy. How some of my friends have 10 kids, I’ll never know. hahaha

How to Make Spring Break Feel Like Summer

Take a visit to the boardwalk
Miss that summertime boardwalk? Bring it to spring break! Big Mouth Inc. has some of the best floats on the block for sure. They sent me the blow-up gumball machine, a doughnut and a gummie bear float. Take all the balls in the house that you can’t kid your kids to stop kicking and do a boardwalk toss game!

Create an Indoor Petting Zoo
Little Live Pets are so cute. You probably remember the birds, right? Mice, birds & parakeets all come alive and now turtles! The turtle little live pets can live on land or sea. You can buy the turtle even with its own tank! Fun!

Got good weather? Get outside with these great finds!

Gazillion Bubbles
Gazillion Hurricane Blaster brings out the bubble in you! You can never go wrong with bubbles.

Imagine having 100 water balloons filled & tied in minutes! That’s what you get this product! PURE brilliance. Water balloons and bubbles are the ultimate springtime out door toy.

Rock an indoor Easter Egg hunt
EVERYONE loves Shopkins & this Toy of the Year does not disappoint with there cute Easter Eggs filled with Shopkins surprises!



Be the Cool Mom – Kids and Tech

Ollo Clip Active Lens and Mobile Photography Studio
I was introduced to this product years ago. And honestly, I wasn’t sold on it then. But the new photograph studio? AWESOME STUFF!

Remote Controlled Paper Airplane
Paper Airplanes are so old school. Everyone has made one or two in their life. And my oldest makes a million and throws them around the house! Yeah, she said! But what if your kid could take it one step further and turn that paper airplane into a bluetooth controlled device? Yep! There’s an app for that! Power Up 3.0 has this great paper airplane for around $50. (Get ready – they are on the verge of launching a video one!!!)

Kolibree Toothbrush with App
Teaching your kids how to REALLY brush their teeth and do it WELL is not always an easy task. But with Kolibree and their Go! Pirate app – you might be able to accomplish such a hard task! Personally, I told them they had to create a race for parents and kids! Fun, right? This lightweight brush teaches kids to really get in there and clean their corns!

Props in a Box
Get your kids enjoying Spring Break with a crash course in their creative side! I love this product. It’s really such a brilliant idea. Props in a Box pairs unlikely characters together and gives you an app to make a movie around it! I can’t wait to try this out with my kids.

Tucker Toys Crush it Bat and Ball
Wanna be the homerun derby queen in your house? YES PLEASE! The Crush It Bat does JUST that. Helps you crush a ball of course! Tighten that baby when mama is up to bat for sure. Also, I didn’t get to hit on them – but Tucker Toys has some really great outdoor toy products. The Crush It bat is just one… check out the Phlat & the EZ Grip – the balls are AWESOME!

Check out my segment on Fox29 about keeping your sanity over spring break!

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