I need a spring break vacation more than my kids.

Hello Spring Break Vacation: I Need You More Than My Kids

Spring Break can’t get here soon enough. Sure, it’s a break from school for the kids. But we parents need this break too. I am counting down the days until our family can board the plane and getaway to somewhere warm and sunny. I honestly think that I need a vacation this Spring Break more than my family does. Anyone else with me?

This should be me on a beach sipping a frozen daiquiri

Winter this year has been weird with lots of ups and downs. The weather could seriously use a Prozac with snow and ice one week and then 78 degree days the next. Snow and ice aren’t my thing. Yes, the idea of gliding down a snow covered slope is nice, but you won’t catch me doing it. The thought chills me to the bone. Growing up in Southern California, winters were maybe 50 degrees and required just a light wind breaker, maybe as much as a hoodie. You are more likely to catch me on a warm, sun soaked beach than in the snow.

A vacation some place warm is just what I need.

All January long I’m excited and ready to tackle the new year ahead. But by mid-February, I am moody and melancholy. I don’t know if it’s the winter weather, lack of sunny days, or just me. But I just feel stuck. Daily routines become so monotonous with the kids back in school. Every day is the same: wake up and get them ready for class, make lunches, run errands, work at home, pick up kids and drive them to after school events/activities, dinner, laundry, back to bed, etc. I might as well be on autopilot. It’s actually a little depressed seeing what my life looks like on paper. It’s definitely time for a change of scenery to put fun back into our lives.

Spring Break will give me a full week of something different from what I’m doing at the moment. It could be an exotic destination like Hawaii or just a road trip to our favorite theme park. The destination really doesn’t matter. The simple thought of someone else doing the cooking and cleaning is worth the price tag of any vacation.

Room service with breakfast in bed sounds heavenly, but a break from the never ending pile of dirty socks and stinky underwear is enough to bring a smile to my face.  It’s the little things that bring me joy.

Spring Break vacation is more than just family time with my husband and kids. It’s a chance for me to escape my daily routine, do something fun, and enjoy what I “want” to do instead of “need” to do. All those “need to do” things will be waiting for me at home, but during this vacation I can enjoy all the little things and just have fun with my family. Summer break won’t start for a few more months, but this will help get me through until it that time. Like I said in the beginning, Spring Break isn’t just for the kids. It’s for me too. I need it to recharge and fill up my cup, so I can help my family be awesome all spring long.

Nicky Omohundro jokingly refers to herself as a semi-crunchy glamping momma with a touch of wanderlust. Powered by coffee, real food, and the goal to do something new each and every month. She, along with her husband and their three children, is often outdoors hiking, kayaking, camping, and having fun. She loves to travel and has started freelancing as a travel writer. You can follow her adventures on her site Little Family Adventure or on Instagram where she shares food, fun, and daily adventures she calls life.

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