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Six Great Products #CES2016 & #SummitLive

LG-Sidekicks Washer and Dryer

The month of January was insane for us!  We spent time at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas then took a jaunt to San Francisco for Periscope Summit. Needless to say, we found some very cool products to start off the new year.

Can I share them with you? =)

Six Fun Finds at the Consumer Electronics Show & Periscope Summit

*REELJUICE – Finding a perfect charger can sometimes be troublesome and hard to do!  I don’t know about you – but I get those cute portable chargers all the time.  None of them ever hold a charge long enough to get my devices up to par!  The company Lynktec has this reeljuice power bank that charges phones up to 5 times!  There is a Lightning & Android connector to fit all phones & devices.  What I love about this charger is that it has a 4-foot cable to go with!  Definitely helpful when life is filled with chaos, ya know! lol

*LOUDBY SOUNDCASE – These are super cool!  They are made in Finland!  I met this group of ladies while wondering around & they were so kind!  It was a really fun conversation because here are these GORGEOUS people from Finland – (the prettiest blonde hair/ blue eyes ever! lol) shared with me the joy of their products and the creation of them.  I loved this case because often times my 3-year-old can’t hear the sound on the phones.  The Loudby case has this unique sound tunnel that amplifies the sound bank

*POWERUP SMARTPHONE CONTROLLED PAPER AIRPLANE 3.0 – My 7-year-old is obsessed with making a million paper airplanes and tossing them around the house!  Imagine how fun it would be to control those paper airplanes via a smartphone?  Yep!  You now CAN!  The Powerup airplane is so cool!  I love the product packaging too.  It really gives the little device lots of life.

KOLIBREE SONIC TOOTHBRUSH – This is super cool!  I remember seeing this brand at a conference I use to produce and was so excited to see them at CES!  What’s super cool about this not so ordinary toothbrush is that it’s connected to an APP & it makes brushing FUN!  I just gave the toothbrush to my 3-year-old for his birthday but I can’t wait to test this thing out!

IRIG LAVALIER MICROPHONE – I’m kind of embarrassed by the fact that I do so much video and have NEVER had a lavalier mic!  This was a part of another event I went to and we received some cool products to review.  This mic is hands-down a MUST HAVE for anyone doing video!

LUMEE CASE VANITY – Ever have that moment when you think boy wouldn’t it be great to have better lighting when producing videos?  Me too!  I actually spotted this product a couple weeks before CES and ordered it right away!  With the push of a button you can light up your whole life with this case!  Oh, and if you think you saw it on Keeping Up WIth The Kardashians – you did!  They are spokespeople for the product.

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