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Best Of #RealityMoms 2016: The Posts You Loved

Well #RealityMoms, it’s been an exciting year. We’ve got this puppy off the ground, and it’s starting to fly. We’ve got an amazing network of writers and contributors, we’ve worked with some big brands and Joey has single-handedly pulled off yet another amazing #HolidayGiftGuide. We’re building #RealityMoms into a network of women who are working to lift each other up instead of bringing each other down. We’re not breast or bottle, cloth or disposable, helicopter or free-range, PTA mom or hot mess mom—we’re all of that and everything in between. We’re Spanx and makeup just as much as we’re yoga pants with Cheetos in our hair. We’re about kids, toys, relationships, travel, making ends meet, and most of all, we’re about taking care of mom. Because we know that mom is the center of every family unit, and if she’s down, so are we.

So let’s look at all the posts you loved this year, and get some ideas for what you want to see out of us next year!

The post that you loved the most was The Firsts That Come in the Tween Years. Whitney Lang Fleming from Playdates on Fridays wrote about the new “firsts” that happen long after the baby book is full.

As our kids grow, the “firsts” come less frequently and the time stretched between them lengthen. Instead of celebrating a new milestone, the goal becomes surviving another Monday… – Whitney Lang Fleming

In the second most loved post, we had a heartbreaking piece from the Mother of Serendipity titled For You, Of Whom We Do Not Speak. Serendipity writes about her experience of loss after a miscarriage, and the love a mother feels for her never-born child.

Even now words fail me. I usually say “miscarriage”, but it was in some ways much worse than that. – Serendipity Indigo

Heather LeRoss of Tipsy Tiaras tells us a story only a mother could tell about her journey with her son to a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder with I Don’t Understand My Child.

Once we had a diagnosis, a “label” for him—I hoped it would make it easier. – Heather LeRoss

Shannan Younger from Between Us Parents wrote Letter to My Daughter on her First Day of High School about her hopes and dreams for her daughter as she stepped from tween to teen.

No matter how old you are, you’ll always be my baby. (And yes, I see you rolling your eyes, but bear with me.) – Shannan Younger

Our own Joey Fortman laid her soul bare and lamented the digital generation as she wrote: Left to My Own Devices: The Reality of my Motherhood.

Unless you tell YOUR TRUTHS, you will never be able to live fully for yourself and those you love. – Joey Fortman

We’ve had some amazing writers sharing their TRUTHS with us in 2016 and we’re glad that you connected with them. We can’t wait to see what 2017 brings us. Thanks for joining us on our journey.


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