Back to School in Style with Under Armour

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My MODEL School Kids: “Show me your serious face, boys!”

Summer has gotten much shorter over the years. Nowadays, kids go back SO EARLY! My sister’s kids go back to school in Illinois in the middle of August. My girlfriend in Kentucky? SHE STARTS TOMORROW!! I know. Depressing! Never fear though, this year we fit out fashion and I partnered with Under Armour for their launch of school uniforms!

Growing up in a family of girls I was always under the impression that boys didn’t really care about the way they looked. I always heard my dad talk about how us ‘girls take too long’ and how we needed ‘hours to get ready to go somewhere’. I often wonder if it was because he had a house full of girls or if it was because he went to a private school and wore a school uniform his entire life.

I’m here to tell my father— have changed Daddy-O! Both boys and girls take pride in the way they look. And although I was a kid who grew up shopping at the one tiny store we had in our town, I still wanted to look nice and impress my friends. Boston, my eight-year-old is a sportystud! Everything is sporty. And the #1 name flying around our house? Well, besides Kevin Durant, The Phillies or some Curry guy—it’s Under Armour. Everything that my kid wears has that UA logo all over it! So when I got the opportunity to work with them a couple years ago, I knew it was a brand that my family will have forever in our lives and it was a perfect fit. Under Armour is back in our house with school uniforms. This back to school season Under Armour launched their BRAND NEW Back to School Uniforms! I have to tell you— though my kids don’t go to a private school— would totally send them in these clothes! (And if your ‘sporty’ kids do wear uniforms then you totally need to add these to your back to school shopping list. CUTE STUFF!)

Many of you might JUST be starting summer and the thought of back to school is at the very back of your mind. Or, you’re turning over a new leaf and plan to get in the game FASTER this year. Either way, these adorable uniforms are ready to come to your house by shopping at

One of the goals I had this summer was to open up my kids’ eyes to other ways of living and experiencing life. So we do a lot of lunchtime lessons where we talk about what other kids have to do in their daily lives. Our topic this week was kids who wear uniforms to school and what that looks and feels like. Boston didn’t think he’d like to wear a uniform and I talked about how much easier the days are for moms that send their kids to school in uniforms. He got it. And I got jealous. Ha! So we had a little mini fashion show and I had my boys model the uniform line at the bus stuff. Fun, right? Believe it or not – my boys are fashion conscience!  I grew up in a family of three girls. We never did sports in our house. We were the music & dance kids. Fast forward and my eight-year-old is a sports prodigy. No joke! This kid knows all the stats, all the scores and all the players in almost EVERY sport. His obsession with sports carries over into his fashion. And even though we don’t wear uniforms to school – we do get the chance to see what it would be like and he actually LOVES them!

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