Man Crush Monday – Wes

Welcome to #ManCrush Monday! #ManCrushMonday is a weekly video segment for our Reality Moms Community hosted by our super awesome #RealityMom Kathryn, that features our favorite men and fathers in our lives and why we should all meet them and of course, love them. Every week, we want you to meet a super, fantastic (and handsome) Dad from various locations, from every walk of life with the common thread of parenthood.

In this week’s #ManCrushMonday segment, we are introducing you my former roommate! Wes and I go really far back, we went to college together and lived together in a tiny box in the big city while we got established in our careers and in relationships. He was such a good roommate, he would even feed my cat for me when I was out.

Wes still maintains his youthfulness and playful personality, loves comic books, is a giant geek and is now a sound engineer, working in a major radio market and has a brilliant daughter he lovingly refers to as “Squidgit”. Although he and his daughter no longer live in the same city, they have come up with a creative way to be together virtually when not visiting in person.

Wes is a talented, multi-instrument playing musician, he cites Robert Smith of The Cure as a major influencer in his musical tastes and style. For a bonus, you can check out one of his original compositions on YouTube, Long Way From Home.

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